Garlic, The Superb Herb

If you could only grow ONE herb, what would it be?

Garlic.  Many herbalists, when asked, admit that if they could only grow 1 herb in their edible landscape it would be garlic.  This is, of course, a hypothetical question that is not based in reality because there’s nowhere in the world you can only grow a single herb.  Yet the question is always poised, seemingly giving whatever herb they would theoretically choose added clout.  Garlic, however, is absolutely my favorite herb and the reason we start the series with this herb. Continue reading “Garlic, The Superb Herb”

All About Herbs

Welcome to the first post of many dealing with herbs. 

Herbs are one of my favorite plants as they provide so many benefits to us as humans and to the ecosystem they’re a part of.  There are so many wonderful herbs that will grow in our area it seems almost limitless as the uses and places we can plant them.  Just a few benefits of herbs are: Continue reading “All About Herbs”

Alternative ways to learn Permaculture: The Weekend Workshop

In my previous post, I discussed the Permaculture Design Course model in detail, listing some of its benefits and shortcomings. I also briefly mentioned WWOOF volunteering (Willing Workers On Organic Farms), explaining that while WWOOFing may be free, it usually falls short of actual instruction, yet may still take up your time. Continue reading “Alternative ways to learn Permaculture: The Weekend Workshop”

The Merits and Pitfalls of the Permaculture Design Course

In this post, I will feature a discussion about some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Permaculture Design Course. I have seen a number of posts on the Facebook group called ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ asking about PDCs and whether they are worthwhile. Since I consider this a thought-provoking question, I shall do my best to answer it below. Afterwards, I will link you to some other discussions on this topic that other permaculture instructors have written. Continue reading “The Merits and Pitfalls of the Permaculture Design Course”

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC)

In this blog post, I will share a brief history of the Permaculture Design course, and discuss the different forms in which it can be taught and learned. After that, I will introduce a debate about institutionalization, quality control and freedom of information. Finally, I will share an outline of the content I co-taught in a PDC in early 2017 so that you may gain an idea about what PDCs are about. Continue reading “The Permaculture Design Course (PDC)”

What is Permaculture?

Since the title of this series is Permacultural Perspectives, I thought it best to explain early on what I mean by Permaculture, and discuss movements that I feel are similar to and allied with the concept of Permaculture. Therafter, I will feature some common criticism of the term permaculture, and explain why I I find it useful to use the term in the context of online blogging. Continue reading “What is Permaculture?”