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Coneflower, as it’s called, is a wonderful addition to any edible landscape garden space.  This lovely flower is tall and beautiful with petals that seem droopy, hence the name.  The pronounced center followed by the inverted petals makes it sort of look like an upside-down cone.

Echinacea is native to all but the most southern United States and can be cultivated in nearly all areas of the US. Continue reading “Echinacea”


Plantain in edible landscape


I’m sure that you think of the fruit when you hear the word plantain, but there’s a wild herb that grows in all of North America and Canada known as Plantain Herb (Plantago sp.) The Native Americans called it “white man’s footprint” because it seems to tolerate and thrive in the disturbed soils of the early European settlers. Continue reading “Plantain”