The Need for Permaculture Design & Education in Southeast TX!

I have found there is a need for professional permaculture design in my region. I have only been able to find a single designer in the Houston area through all my searching and ironically I didn’t even find him from searching, he was a name mentioned in Toby Hemmingway’s book Gaia’s Garden.  This is not good for the nation’s 3rd largest city!

An opportunity always exists where there’s a void and I plan to fill that void.  I trained with the world-renowned Permaculture Research Institute in Australia under the leadership of designer and teacher Geoff Lawton.  This has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I waited 2 years for this course to become available.

As the time to design approached I reached out to my community for help creating my portfolio.  I needed a few designs and didn’t know where to start so I posted on Facebook looking for a few people who would want a free edible landscape designed for their property and I was blown away by the response.  I got lots of people who were interested and 10 people who actually took the time to fill out the lengthy survey.  I looked at their property and interviewed each of them and decided to provide a design for 4 of them, plus my parents and I will give me 5 designs and my own showcase property.

I am looking forward to serving my community by helping build local awareness of permaculture and by holding classes, garden tours and workshops throughout the city.  It will be a lot of work, but it needs to happen as there is much work to be done in this region.

All designs have been completed and can be seen here.