Full Permaculture Design




Full Landscape Design

This option includes everything in The Walk and Talk but after I leave I will then perform a thorough permaculture design based on your property, needs and desires.  That design will be submitted to you in person and you will have the chance to ask any questions or give any input on the design, including changing any elements you do not like.  Once we come to an agreement on design elements and locations, I will finalize the design and submit to you for implementation.

You have the option to end the process at this point or to also hire me to oversee the implementation with either your choice of contractor or mine.  Implementation can be all at once or in stages depending on budget, weather, etc.

This service is based on an hourly rate of $200/hr.   Projects usually average 20 – 30 hours but can be more or less depending on the size of the property and needs/desires of the client.

If you are interested in having a design consultation performed on your property, please complete the form below.

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Note:  if purchasing online, please purchase how many hours of design you’d like.  We can always add more later.  However, this service is best purchased in person.

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