Welcome to Texas Edible Landscapes!  You are probably here because you have the desire for high quality, nutrient dense, organic food that”s so local it’s within walking distance of your kitchen.  Well, we can help with that!  Whether you are on a small urban lot, a few acres or even a large-scale farm, we can design a system that will meet your needs and even work within a restrictive home owner’s association!

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Ecological, Sustainable & Edible Landscape Design

I derive my landscape designs from the knowledge I have gained in permaculture. These designs can be created for homes, farms, schools, businesses and intentional communities.  Permaculture design takes the entire “system” of our environment – the landscape, our homes, humans, nature, animals, plants, etc. – into account to create a truly sustainable and healthy model of living in and with natural systems while meeting human needs as well.

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About Us

We are a husband and wife with 2 daughters, 1 who homeschools and 1 who just joined the Air Force.  We began a journey on healthier living after discovering all the toxins that were being allowed in our foods.  We couldn’t afford to buy 100% organic so we decided to start a garden.

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This is post 7 of 7 in the series “All About Herbs” Intro I’m sure that you think of the fruit when you hear the word plantain, but there’s a wild herb that grows in all of North America and Canada known as Plantain Herb (Plantago sp.) The Native Americans called it “white man’s footprint” …

Food Forest Workshop – Part 1 – Groundbreaking

Texas Edible Landscapes, in coordination with Permaculture Education, LLC. is proud to announce it’s first ever workshop, being co-hosted with international permaculture teacher and designer, David Dornbrack. This will be the first in a series of workshops where we will be designing a community food forest! The workshops will be hosted on the site of …


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