Moon Planting in the Edible Landscape – April 12, 2018

gardening by the moon for an edible landscape

Welcome to a new year of planting by the moon! 

I will be sending out alerts to those who would like info on gardening by the moon.*  What does the moon have to do with my edible landscape?  Why should I care?  Is it really all that much better?  One of the principles of permaculture is “obtain a yield” and we will obtain a bigger yield, thereby enabling us to “return the surplus” much more.  For more on permaculture principles, click here.

The Phases of the Moon

The moon has four phases or quarters lasting about seven days each. Continue reading “Moon Planting in the Edible Landscape – April 12, 2018”



Parsley is the most popular herb in the world and makes a fantastic addition to the edible landscape!  Its name literally means celery from the rock, coming from ancient words with those meanings.  It was discovered centuries ago and is Mediterranean in nature but has naturalized in almost every climate.  It is part of the celery family. Continue reading “Parsley”

PODS Coming Soon, Order Now!

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Productive On Demand Systems (PODS) from Texas Edible Landscapes

Texas Edible Landscapes specializes in consultation, custom design, and installation of permaculture systems.  However, we realize that not everyone has the desire for a full-scale design or they want to start small and grow as time and budget allows.  For these people, we introduce P.O.D.S.  PODS, short for Productive On Demand Systems can now be purchased and installed immediately since the design work has already been done! Continue reading “PODS Coming Soon, Order Now!”


Echinacea Edible Landscaping, Permaculture, Landscaping, Urban Farming, Urban Farmer, Community Garden, edible landscape


Coneflower, as it’s called, is a wonderful addition to any edible landscape garden space.  This lovely flower is tall and beautiful with petals that seem droopy, hence the name.  The pronounced center followed by the inverted petals makes it sort of look like an upside-down cone.

Echinacea is native to all but the most southern United States and can be cultivated in nearly all areas of the US. Continue reading “Echinacea”

Gardening By The Moon – 2018

gardening by the moon for an edible landscape

Welcome to a New Season of Gardening By The Moon!

Today is Valentine’s Day, 2018 and what a better way to celebrate than to start the second season of Gardening by the Moon blog!  Today is, gratefully, a no planting day, which means we should do no gardening today!  Although, my mom always told me that Valentine’s day was the day to prune roses!  So, if you have roses, and time, feel free to prune them!

A recap of last year —

The Phases of the Moon

The moon has four phases or quarters lasting about seven days each. Continue reading “Gardening By The Moon – 2018”


Plantain in edible landscape


I’m sure that you think of the fruit when you hear the word plantain, but there’s a wild herb that grows in all of North America and Canada known as Plantain Herb (Plantago sp.) The Native Americans called it “white man’s footprint” because it seems to tolerate and thrive in the disturbed soils of the early European settlers. Continue reading “Plantain”

Food Forest Workshop – Part 1 – Groundbreaking

Texas Edible Landscapes Workshop

Edible Landscapes Workshop

Texas Edible Landscapes, in coordination with Permaculture Education, LLC. is proud to announce it’s first ever workshop, being co-hosted with international permaculture teacher and designer, David Dornbrack.

This will be the first in a series of workshops where we will be designing a community food forest! The workshops will be hosted on the site of the upcoming food forest! We will be designing, building, planting, maintaining and harvesting the exact food forest system where we are hosting these workshops.

Come, learn and hang out and make friends with like-minded individuals who also want to learn how to grow their own organic, nutrient dense food with minimal effort and maintenance!

Be aware, we are limiting this groundbreaking event to only 30 participants and then we are giving priority reservations on future events to our founding participants.

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Oregano.  We all know it.  It is a primary ingredient in pizza, giving the sauce its wonderful flavor and other Italian foods its wonderful aroma.  Oregano is much more than just an Italian culinary herb and today we will learn a little bit more about it. Continue reading “Oregano”